Served with miso 

soup and Salad

Roll Combo A


California, Sp Salmon, Yam 

Spicy Roll Combo


Sp California, Sp Salmon, Sp Tuna 

Dynamite Combo


Dynamite (8pcs), Sushi (7pcs) 

Assorted Sushi (9pcs)


Assorted Sashimi (18pcs)


Platter for Two


2 miso soup, 2 salad, tempura (6pcs), sushi (8pcs), sashimi (9pcs), your choice of a classic roll (6pcs) and a special roll (8pcs)

Roll Combo V


Avocado, Yam, Kappa 

California Combo


California (6pcs), Sushi (7pcs) 

Sushi & Sashimi Combo


Sushi (7pcs) & Sashimi (9pcs) 

Deluxe Sushi (12pcs)


Deluxe Sashimi (21pcs)